fleur-flambee fleur de sel flambée Smoked and Flambéed Salt Fleur de Sel Flambée The fleur de sel fumée flambée -or XO fleur de sel- is one of our creations. This fleur de sel was born from our discussions with the many chefs and pastry chefs with whom we work. It will sublimate a dish, a sauce or even a dessert with woody flavors of specially selected extra-old Cognacs. Shop now fleur-de-sel fleur de sel West Wind Salt Fleur de Sel The fleur de sel de vent d’Ouest is crunchy and generous. It is, as its name suggests, produced by westerly winds. It is distinguished by the exceptional crunchiness of its crystals which make a real difference to your dishes. Shop now gros-sel-gris gros sel gris West Wind Salt Fleur de Sel The gros sel gris: beneath its curves and complexion hides an explosion of nutrients; it literally brings you the sea in your mouth. It is at the heart of its generous forms it contains all the nutrients contained in seawater. Its slightly gray complexion certifies that it has crystallized on a particularly rich clay soil. Coarse gray salt is produced directly on the clay. It takes care of all the benefits of nutrients from the land and the sea. It is vintage. Shop now vent-est fleur de sel vent d'est East Wind Salt Fleur de Sel Vent d’Est The fleur de sel de vent d’Est is light and airy. It is, as its name suggests, produced exclusively by easterly winds. A clever mix of power and lightness, it will accompany the daily of your dishes and your creations. Its main asset is balance. It will reveal the taste. According to the adage of the Binet family, it was Louis XIV's fleur de sel. The easterly fleur de sel is rare. Its production depends on climatic conditions. Shop now fleur-de-neige fleur de sel neige Snowflake Salt Fleur de Sel Neige The Fleur de sel Neige is harvested by extremely rare southerly winds. It is so thin that it compacts and recalls the appearance of powder snow. Its texture and power allow it to penetrate directly to the heart of the product for an explosion of flavors. The rarity and complexity of its harvest mean that it had never been marketed until then. Shop now fleur-fumee fleur de sel fumée Smoked Salt Fleur de Sel Fumée Smoked Salt The fleur de sel Fumée is a perfect match of the West Wind Fleur de Sel and the East Wind Fleur de Sel. This subtlety, conducive to The fleur de sel Fumée is a perfect match of the West Wind Fleur de Sel and the East Wind Fleur de Sel. This subtlety, conducive to balanced smoking, allows it to be used just as much for its crunchiness as for its ability to penetrate the product on which it will be deposited. It is produced after a long 100% artisanal process of cold smoking with beech wood. The only limit of its use remains the imagination. The smoked fleur de sel is produced in small quantities, its production is long and meticulous. It is vintage and numbered. Shop now See the collection

Lorsque deux personnalités aux idées révolutionnaires s’associent dans le but d’offrir une expérience unique à une clientèle aux goûts certains, le résultat ne peut qu’être bluffant. Après plusieurs mois de travail acharné, Riccardo Giraudi, créateur passionné dans l’âme, présente sa collaboration avec le mixologiste français Ely.

Riccardo Giraudi est un restaurateur imaginatif, installé aux 4 coins du monde pour le plus grand bonheur de sa clientèle. Ce qu’il aime ? Créer une expérience totale, à 360 degrés. Mais surtout une expérience constante pour tous ses clients.

Avec le développement international de ses concepts, Riccardo Giraudi souhaitait retrouver dans le verre, la même constance que l’on retrouve dans l’assiette et le service. Ainsi, il s’est associé avec ELY, qui se spécialise dans la préparation et la mise en bouteille de cocktails prêts à boire dans son atelier du Marais à Paris.

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