Nicolas Bianco’s works can be seen at Beefbar Monaco and to acquire from November 11th 2022.

BeefbarXNicolas Bianco

Riccardo Giraudi aka The Beefboy is passionate about art and design and uses marble in all its forms in all his Beefbars, : in some architectural elements, decoration, tableware and even its signature dessert.

The collaboration between Riccardo Giraudi and the French artist Nicolas Bianco was therefore an obvious choice. Known for his Carrara marble pieces, Nicolas Bianco has created iconic pieces to display in the Beefbar Butcher Shop windows.

Both contemporary and street, noble and raw, his four works perfectly symbolize the contrast between the rarest meats in the world with their unique marbling and their reinterpretation in the Beefbar’s street food version.


Nicolas Bianco, a self-taught French artist, was born in Nice where his studio is located today.

Attracted by volumes, he naturally turned to sculpture while associating his taste for symbols and icons of the popular culture of the 80s and 90s.

Eager for new experiences, Nicolas Bianco has developed his personal style using innovative and daring techniques and images.

Nicolas Bianco luminously stages the great classics with a modern and uncluttered style. His series of objects “Nostalgie” represents each significant year of his youth through objects symbolizing learning and progress such as the Lego or the sneaker…

To give life to his works, Nicolas Bianco uses noble and raw materials. Marble is therefore an obvious choice. With their timeless lines and modern interpretation, the sculptures awaken in us a positive nostalgia, an emotion.

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