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Born in 2005, Beefbar is a destination in itself. On top of being a marvelous culinary adventure, the restaurant englobes everything you’ve been looking for : a chilled atmosphere, beautiful architecture, curated design & tableware, customized music. In a nutshell, Beefbar is the ultimate lifestyle.

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Riccardo is a creator, an artistic director, a foodie and a restaurateur. To him, food is the new fashion, and mixes experiences with lifestyle moments. Since the mid-2000s he is accompanied by the best chefs, architects, and staff in order to create unique tailored concepts, from modern luxury to millennial canteens.

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We took the essence of Beefbar, combined it with Riccardo Giraudi’s love for design and eclectic objects and created Beefbar Shop. Simple as that. Our goal is to offer you the best of our selection, while making it evolve constantly. Check out our Beefbar lifestyle products – including our exclusive collab with French porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud – curated high-end design elements by our architects Humbert & Poyet, and a real foodie’s paradise.