Set of 12 “Noam Beer x Beefbar”


Noam is a light, refreshing lager beer with a distinguished mild taste. it is characterised by the floral and savoury flavours of the delicate “smaragd” hop,fused with a signature herbal base note.

This lager is composed of the finest ingredients, locally sourced from the valleys of hallertau, the world’s most precious hop-growing region.

Noam lager is naturally finished to the highest bavarian purity standards and is neither stabilised, nor filtered or thermally treated.

With 5.2 percent of alcohol it is aged for 6 weeks to achieve its superior taste. noam lager is best enjoyed at a maximum temperature of 6 degrees.

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– 5.2 % alcohol
– naturally finished without stabilisation, pasteurisation, or filtration
– fragments of yeast on the bottom of the bottle are a sign of noam’s natural character
– please store cool and dark
– we deliver our product with carbon neutral shipping

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