Beefbar x Yazid Ichemrahen

The story

This is the story of a gourmet encounter, but above all unexpected, that of Riccardo Giraudi, creative restaurateur with multiple concepts including Beefbar in Paris, and Yazid Ichemrahen, world pastry champion in 2014 and French pastry champion in 2013.

Yazid Ichemrahen works his creations with the same intention as a Proust madeleine: to arouse emotions, to make us travel to a sweet memory of the past.

Dexterity is the watchword of this rising star of the realm of gluttony, when creating his pastries, as much in the precise association of flavors as in the play of textures, as well as in the perfect harmony on the spoon and in mouth.

For Beefbar, establishment located in the 4 corners of the world, Riccardo Giraudi and Yazid Ichemrahen, confronted their culinary universes. These 2 sweet tooths signed a sweet collaboration in the form of a dessert called “Marbled Chocolate Bar”. Characterized by three textures, this bar is the definition of the elegant balance between acidity & sweetness, creamy & crisp, minimalism & gluttony.

For a successful experience, keep the marbled bar in a cool place until the last moment.
then sip the 3 layers with a swipe of a spoon to appreciate all their subtleties.